It all started with the Sci-Fi Channel, and their website. A place called ‘Caption This’ where screengrabs of whatever was playing on SFC came streaming in and site members wrote funny captions for them. We called ourselves Cappers, and pretty soon this simple concept sprouted an online community that currently numbers in the hundreds. ‘Caption This’ no longer became big enough to hold us, and we spread like a virus throughout the Internet. Personal websites, our own Yahoo group, webrings, bulletin boards, capping sites, and of course caption galleries. These are collections of caps from various sources, put together to honor each other and to share our humor with the world.

The Cappers were my first friends on the Internet, and to this day remain an important part of my life. I met my wife through the Cappers, along with many other people that I don’t just consider online acquaintances, but real friends. So in part to give back to the community that has given me so much, and in part to introduce new people to the art of capping, I’ve created my own caption gallery. Enjoy.

PAGE 1: (AlexGariepy, Cyberbeast, daupstart, elKapitan, gleeb, GlitterRock, klutzka, LauraPowers85, PrezGAR, TheLurker, YibbleGuy)

PAGE 2: (Arienrhod, Cyberbeast, daupstart, elKapitan, GlitterRock, Gray_Zombie, klutzka, PrezGAR, RodRocket)

PAGE 3: (Cyberbeast, Dita_DuPave, DocktorD, ElectraAlan, GlitterRock, Porn_E_goat, RodRocket, Sidesk, TheDiva, TinaW)

PAGE 4: (AlexGariepy, ArkhamGuard, Cyberbeast, DocktorD, GlitterRock, JohnSteed, meqal, NurseNoir, RodRocket, TheDiva)

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