Title: Star Trek: Voyager: Desires!
Author: James "Goji San" Stewart!
Summary: Janeway helps Seven to explore her Humanity!
Category: Celebrities!
"Star Trek: Voyager" is (C) to Paramount!
Captain Kathryn Janeway was approaching forty years old, despite that 
milestone on the horizon she was still exceptionally beautiful. She
tall, auburn haired - at the moment hanging down to her shoulders and
tight fitting Starfleet uniform done a respectable job of showing off
the gentle curves of her breasts and the pleasing slope of her back
that led 
down to her gorgeously tight ass. At the moment the ship was running
'night-mode' which meant all lighting had been turned down to its
level, at the moment Janeway was sitting in her quarters, illuminated
candlelight, reading the myriad of ship reports that came in from the
of the ship's departments, Janeway had lost interest in these reports
ago but protocol demanded she give them her 'signature'. Janeway
closed her 
eyes for a moment and when she re-opened them she lost her place on
report she was reading, sighing unhappily she threw the report across
room, it impacted with a 'clang' against the far wall. Janeway stood
up and 
shook her head side to side for a minute and rubbed her eyes to clear
fuzziness in her vision. In her next set of 'exercises' she bent as
backwards as she could and then as far forwards, there was a slight
crack in 
her back as she did so, a good indicator of how long she had been
"Computer, what time is it?" asked Janeway as she stifled a
"Ship's time is now 04:30 Hours." responded the computer.
Half four in the morning and Janeway was up reading reports that she
anyone in Starfleet Command would ever see. 'No don't think that'
Janeway. She knew that someday Voyager would get home, wether it took 
another year or anther twenty it would get home. The small sliver of
still crept into her mind from time to time and it was enough to make
edgy and agitated. 'That's not the only reason, is it?' thought
wryly, your up all night reading reports because your trying to deal
the other kind of tension. "Coffee." said Janeway aloud.
Janeway walked over to the replicator and ordered a black coffee, a
seconds later a large cup of steaming black coffee appeared, Janeway 
practically wolfed the stuff down, this was her seventh cup tonight
and she 
could feel the caffeine working its way through her system, it was a
jolt of energy but enough to get her through the rest of these damned 
reports. With a small sigh of discontent she sat back at her desk and 
continued her reading. The communications system beeped into life,
Janeway, it was Seven of Nine, former Borg drone and now Voyager's
expert on ... well everything. "Captain Janeway please report to
"What is it Seven?" asked Janeway.
"We have detected unusual energy readings in the system
ahead." explained 
'Same as every other bloody week.' thought Janeway. "On my
way." Janeway 
Janeway entered the Bridge, only Harry Kim, the young Asian ensign
and Seven 
of Nine, in her tight fitting blue cat-suit which showed off both
sets of 
her ample curves, were awake. Seven of Nine, ex-Borg drone and now
valued member of the crew, Janeway had at first taken on a role of
guardian' instructing her to explore her Humanity and to finally red
of all connections to the Borg, Seven had been assimilated at such a
age the only life she knew was the Borg. Until Janeway and Chakotay
severed that connection. Voyager had become Seven's new 'collective'.
Janeway wasn't sure what her relationship with Seven was, the days
were she 
would offer Seven some advice or guidance had long since passed.
Seven was 
now an individual. 'And a very attractive one at that.' Janeway noted 
subconsciously. "So what's the problem?" asked Janeway
shaking loose of her 
"There is a disturbance ahead, it is two hundred light years
across and it 
is generating massive amounts of radiation, Warp Drive will not be 
functional." explained Seven.
"How long will it take us to get through it?" asked Janeway.
"At least six months." responded Seven and she promptly
double checked her 
"What's the bad news?" asked Janeway sensing Seven had left
something out.
"There is massive amounts of debris, possibly ships, some of
them match the 
readings of Species 8472." said Seven bitterly.
Janeway was not slow to notice Seven's tone. "Bad
"They destroyed hundreds of ships and several of our ... the
colonies." replied Seven.
"Plot a course around it then." sighed Janeway, the delay
would probably be 
enormous but infinitely safer.
"The journey around will take almost three years." said
Seven hesitantly.
"It will be safer though, I'm not in the mood to have another
run in with 
Species 8472, take as many scans as you can of the phenomenon and if
you can 
find away to get the Warp Drive to work within this ... Expanse then
but otherwise we go round." said Janeway.
Janeway never noticed Harry Kim heading for the turbo-lift, his shift
ended, she did hear his loud yawn however, for the next half hour it
be only her and Seven. She did notice, however, Seven coming round to
her, she sat in the first officer's chair and activated its control
Janeway felt too tired to bother with half hearted 'helping'. Janeway
up and headed for the turbo-lift, she was going to return to her
and catch up on some much needed sleep, her shift started at 09:30,
so she 
would only have about four hours of sleep. "Captain, I could use
assistance." said Seven as she noticed the Captain leaving.
Seven's feelings 
on Janeway were much more succinct, she adored Janeway, she was the
one who 
took her from the collective, gave her a sense of individuality and
she gave her a new life and a new purpose. She resented that decision
first but came to realize that the Borg did indeed represent the
evil in the Universe and she would never go back to them. Over the
last few 
years her admiration for Janeway had grown into something more. The
Borg had 
no concept of 'love', 'respect' or 'kindness'. But Seven did and she
her feeling for Janeway was more than respect. It was love.
"Seven, I'm really tired." said Janeway a little grumpily.
"I understand Captain, perhaps tomorrow?" said Seven with a
slightly raised 
"Of course." said Janeway with a polite smile.
Seven couldn't resist it anymore, Janeway's swaying of her ass,
deliberate or not, was driving Seven crazy and made her want to gush
feelings out right now. "Captain, please stay, I have something
I wish to 
say to you."
Janeway suddenly paused on her way to the 'lift, Seven's tone had
she sounded almost afraid, or nervous was a better way to describe
usually Seven only used this kind of voice when something deeply
was troubling her. "What's the matter, Seven?" asked
Janeway and she slowly 
turned around.
"I wish to discuss matters of a personal nature." sighed
Seven, she could 
feel her pulse rising, suddenly the uniform she was wearing felt much
tighter, if that were possible, Seven was becoming more aware that
she was 
very hot.
Despite no one being on the Bridge, Janeway gestured towards her
ready room. 
Seven nodded and walked towards it with Janeway following.
"Sit down." said Janeway gesturing to the long chair, on
many occasions it 
had doubled as Janeway's bed when she worked long into the night.
Seven sat 
down, she looked nervous, her cheeks had developed a blush and she
sweating, small pools of sweat had gathered under her breasts,
serving to 
exemplify them even more. Janeway had to literally tear her eyes away
the gorgeous sight. "So what is it you want to discuss?"
asked Janeway, her 
breathing slightly harder.
"Four years ago you rescued me from the Borg," began Seven
"at first I 
resented being pulled away from all that I had ever known, I believe
it is 
fair to say I was a little hard on you and the crew at first."
Seven smiled 
"An understatement," grinned Janeway "but you turned
out just fine in the 
"I believe I made it extremely difficult for you, lesser beings
given up but you didn't, you persevered and, eventually, made me an 
individual." said Seven.
"You did the work, I was only a guide for you Seven."
replied Janeway.
"Perhaps," smiled Seven "but that isn't what I wanted
to tell you."
"Then what is it?" asked Janeway.
Seven avoid Janeway's gaze, she looked at the floor, at the office's 
furniture, she muttered something under her breath and then finally
on Janeway, she felt magnificently uncomfortable but she said it
"I love 
"Sorry?" asked Janeway stunned. She heard the words but she
was sure she had 
misheard, she'd gone insane, she had avoided sleep so much that she
actually hallucinating that the beautiful creature sitting next to
her was 
coming onto her.
"I said I love you Kathryn." said Seven again.
She was pretty sure the entire time she had known Seven she had never
called her 'Kathryn'. "Seven what do you mean you love me,
that's not 
possible." said Janeway scrabbling for an excuse to get away
from Seven, but 
Seven was caught in two minds, one part of her wanted to get out of
office, forget the whole experience and try to explain later that it
some stupid joke. But another part of her wanted to stay, wanted to
Janeway even more uncomfortable. Seven smiled, she 'innocently' let
her hand 
slide down Janeway's thigh. Despite Janeway's obvious embarrassment
didn't try to restrict Seven, in fact Janeway was slowly warming to
the idea 
of spending some more time with the beautiful ex-Borg. Seven's hand
slid up Janeway's thigh, the Captain was beginning to breathe
heavily, she 
subconsciously felt where Seven's hand was going, Janeway smiled and
shifted so she could spread her legs a bit more. Seven began to
caress Janeway's crotch, even through the material of the uniform
could feel herself beginning to get wet.
"Seven are you sure about this?" asked Janeway between
"Yes Captain, are you?" replied Seven with an impish smile.
"I've went eight years without ... I'm ready." replied
Janeway, she took a 
deep breath and let it out, much of her anxiety went with it.
Seven smiled as she felt the small patch of dampness and the
wonderful aroma 
of female sex. Seven's caresses began more frantic and Janeway
started to 
gasp quite audibly, she was frantically bucking back against Seven's
Seven's nimble fingers were close to being crushed by Janeway as she
back against them, once or twice Seven's fingers managed to penetrate
material of the uniform and slid into Janeway's wet vagina, it only
took a 
few more thrusts before Janeway hit the apex of her pleasure, her
straightened and she let out a wail of pleasure, a flood of juices
from her excited vagina and soaked the crotch of her uniform. Seven
her finger once into Janeway's vagina and pulled it out, she took a
taste of the juices collected on her finger, she inhaled the strong
and then sighed.
Janeway came down from her high, she looked at Seven with a big grin. 
"Interesting, that was my first time with another woman."
said Janeway.
"It was my first time, with anyone." admitted Seven.
"Oh, we haven't got to the best part yet." said Janeway
with a devilish 
"What do you mean?" asked Seven with a look of innocence.
"Stand up." commanded Janeway. Seven did as she was told,
she stood up in 
front of Janeway, the Captain took her time examining Seven, her big 
breasts, her slinky waist, the space between her legs where the
uniform was 
pressing against her vagina. "Turn around." demanded
Janeway in a seductive 
voice. Again, Seven did as she was told, she turned around and had
her back 
to Janeway. She blushed when she heard Janeway let out a gasp of
"Like what you see?" asked Seven mimicking Janeway's
seductive tones.
Janeway was looking at Seven's ass, the tight blue suit did its best
accentuate every curve of her gorgeous bottom. Janeway would've been
content to just stare at this sight all day. But she knew what was to
and didn't want to put it off ... not for too long anyway. "I
want you to 
lean forward." commanded Janeway.
"Captain?" asked Seven confused.
"Lean forward, over the table." said Janeway indicating her
table. Seven 
moved in front of the Janeway's table, she leaned over it, her entire
body was supported by the table and her ass was pointing in the air.
"Captain, what're you going to do?" asked Seven nervously.
"Don't worry, it won't hurt much." replied Janeway with a
impish grin.
Janeway walked over to Seven, she ran her hand down Seven's back, she 
caressed Seven's curvaceous ass. She squeezed and nipped Seven's ass
for a 
minute or two and then all of a sudden delivered a slap to her ass.
let out a small moan, before she had time to recover Janeway
another slap, another moan. Seven had tears welling up in her eyes
but she 
accepted the 'punishment', more slaps, more tears, more moans. Truth
be told 
Seven was actually beginning to enjoy the 'torture'. Each new slap
brought a 
new welt of pain but it also brought more pleasure, her vagina
beginning to 
soak her cat-suit, Janeway could sense Seven's rising pleasure but
she still 
continued to spank her ass. Several more times until finally stopping
letting Seven stand up. Janeway, standing behind Seven, squeezed her
ass a 
few more times and then reached for the zip of the cat-suit, she
pulled it 
down and then moved in front of Seven, she undone the other zipper.
pulled down the suit, slowly, never letting her gaze drift from
astonishingly sexy face. Finally the suit reached Seven's ankles and
kicked it aside. Janeway gave a small chuckle. Seven wore no
"You find something amusing?" asked Seven.
"It is usually customary to wear ... underwear." replied
Janeway with a 
"If you'd like I could go change?" Seven said with a mildly
sarcastic tone.
"Stay where you are!" said Janeway.
Janeway examined her gorgeous friend 'in the flesh'. Her massive
seem even more magnificent now free of their confinements, her vagina
covered with a small amount of blonde curly pubic hair. Seven gave a
Janeway smiled at the brief view of her ass, still red and sore after
spanking. Janeway's arms went around Seven's waist, she pulled her
close and 
then planted a long loving kiss on her lips, Seven instantly returned
kiss, she let her mouth be spread open as they let their tongues
mingle with 
each other, tasting each other. Janeway broke off the kiss, a small
line of 
saliva still joining their mouths. "Now what?" asked Seven.
Janeway led Seven to the chair, Seven sat down and Janeway knelt
before her, 
she gently parted Seven's legs, Janeway slowly licked and nipped the
of her thighs, working her way up and down each thigh, she
avoided her pussy for the time being and then without warning started 
lapping at her pussy like a hungry dog. Janeway licked up all the
that dribbled from Seven's pussy. Seven's entire being was trembling
Janeway's lips found her vagina slick, wet and inviting. Janeway's
penetrated her deeply. Instantly Seven's virgin walls constricted
Janeway's tongue as it moved slow and steady. Seven's clitoris,
swollen and 
throbbing, as if it was waiting eagerly for the moment when Janeway's
would embrace it. Moving up, Janeway attacked it with her licks and
nips and 
slow kisses. Janeway no longer thought of all the time she had wasted
taking a new lover when the ship was stranded, no longer about
Chakotay, or 
Michael Sullivan, her only thoughts lay on her best friend lying
before her, 
Seven was lost, she was not thinking much of anything except on the 
incredibly intense pleasure that arced like electricity throughout
entire body. Janeway could feel the rush of desire from Seven, she
started to take deep breaths as if trying to hold off the oncoming 
explosion. Understanding her friend's need Janeway's pace quickened
as she 
closed her eyes, she too was caught up in the rush of excitement
by Seven's orgasm, her pussy exploding, releasing a stream of juices. 
Janeway lapped up as much of the juice as she could, swallowing it as
she never realized any woman could cum so much. But then it was
first time. Seven was completely exhausted, her whole body seemed to
with the effort of just breathing, Seven slumped against the chair,
"Are you okay, Seven?" asked Janeway, concerned.
"I'm okay, I will adapt." said Seven letting some of her
old self slip in. 
Seven watched Janeway standing up, the Captain peeled of her uniform
casually tossed it aside. Next came her dark blue body suit, pools of
making it cling tightly to her breasts, Janeway lingered a moment as
unhooked her bra and discarded it. She also appeared to unduly fuss
over her 
white panties, making Seven even more desperate. Janeway's stomach
was very 
firm, her breasts sagged a little, she was approaching forty after
all, and 
her pussy was covered in brown hair. She mimicked Seven's twirl from 
earlier, the former Borg drone gave a smile of appreciation.
"Like what you see?" asked Janeway with a chuckle.
"Indeed." replied Seven simply.
Janeway sat on Seven's lap, she wrapped her legs around Seven's waist
said "Are you ready for the last bit of fun tonight?"
"Yes." replied Seven.
A gasp escaped Janeway's mouth when she felt Seven's finger slip into
cleft and stroke between the swollen labia. Janeway filled her hands
Seven's generous breasts and lowered her mouth to take her inviting
between her teeth. Janeway sucked and nibbled one thimble-sized
nipple, then 
the other, enjoying the resilient flesh in her mouth. Seven moaned
pressed herself into Janeway's oral caress. Seven kissed Janeway's
and neck while she continued stroking the length of Janeway's swollen 
clitoris with her wet finger. Janeway continued to massage Seven's
with her mouth. Seven knew what Janeway needed, and she stroked her
faster, while doing that Seven squeezed and pulled Janeway's  nipple,
slid the tip of her warm, wet tongue into Janeway's ear. As if she
have enough stimulation, the wet, sexy tickling sensation of her
tongue in 
Janeway's ear sent her over, the Captain had a short, hard climax.
slowed her strokes after Janeway passed her peak. When Janeway had
down, she turned in Seven's arms and kissed her passionately. Janeway
her middle finger down through Seven's tight blonde curls and found
cleft. Janeway slowly slid her finger into Seven's vagina. Janeway
began to 
finger fuck her. Her eyes were closed and she continued fuck her with
fingers.  Seven just kept developing more and more juice. 'Christ,
like a bloody water hose.' thought Janeway as her hand was flooded by 
Seven's juices. Janeway's furious pace began to take its toll on
Seven, she 
was screaming and moaning, her orgasm was building up at a ferocious
all of a sudden she let out a quaking scream, her juices came faster
harder, literally spraying everywhere, including Janeway who had to
clean it 
all up. Not that she was complaining. She scooped up the juices with
fingers and tasted them, she offered her fingers to Seven, she
them, running her tongue across them. Cleaning up every last trace of
cum from them. They shared their mixed juices until both of them were
Janeway ordered the door locked so both her and Seven could sleep
together, they curled up together, their legs and arms entwined in
others. Both of them smiling happily, both of them grateful for the
they had expressed today.
Janeway gave Seven's ass one more pet squeeze and then she grinned. 
"Tomorrow we'll have to think of some new ways to pleasure
Seven said nothing but her curious facial expression spoke volumes.