> Title: Space Coochie prt 1 
> Author: S. Holliday 
> Paring: J/7 
> Rating: Pg-13 for AL, AC, SS and the DQ'S first ever
> space anatomy. 
> Disclaimer: As this series is Paramount to my 
> existence. So Paramount owns. The views expressed in
> this tale are my own imagination. So if this is not 
> your cup of tea to bad. 
> Summary: The title say's it all. (This is a joke) 
> A/N: This fic is inspired by many of Tender wareís 
> uplifting stories which can be found at the Delta 
> Quadrant of Venus. 
> "Tom Report." 
> "Captain it appears to be a spatial anomaly." 
> "I'm aware of that. But is it me or dose that
> look like a...." 
> "A vagina Captain I believe that is the word you 
> are looking for." Tuvok intoned in his typical
> fashion. Janeway turned to him a look of perplexity 
> spread across her face. 
> "Uh Captain?" 
> "Yes Tom." 
> "It appears to be headed towards us." 
> "What? Change course." 
> "Inputting course change." 
> "Status." 
> "It's still coming." Ensign Kim replied from ops. 
> "All hands this is the Captain Red Alert." 
> "Captain we've just entered the anomaly." 
> "Shields?" Janeway belted out. 
> "Eighty percent and holding." 
> "I didn't spend seven years in the Delta Quadrant 
> battling Borg, Kazon, Species 8472 and the Hirogen
> die in spaces biggest kooty-kat." 
> "Captain?" Chakotay questioned not understanding 
> where this was going. Ignoring her first Janeway 
> looked over to her most trusted confidant. 
> "Tuvok do you think you can attempt a mild meld?" 
> "Yes Captain but I will need some time to prepare." 
> "Fine do what you need to do." Slapping her COM
> "Senior Staff report to the debriefing room in five 
> minutes. Janeway out." 
> Five minutes later Voyager's senior staff minus 
> Tuvok sat in the debriefing room. 
> "Report." Janeway said as she entered the room.
> a seat she waited. The Doctor was the first to 
> respond. 
> "Captain Lt. Tuvok's initial observation was right
> anomaly is a vagina, I also have discovered that the
> anomaly will not willingly dispel Voyager for
> thirty-days." 
> "Thirty-days. Why thirty-days?" Chakotay asked the 
> female members of the crew all realized where this
> going except Seven and the male members. 
> Taking point again the Doctor spoke. "The anomaly
> go thru it's menstruation cycle at that time it will
> release an egg." 
> "An egg?" Janeway questioned. 
> "Yes an egg to be fertilized." The Doctor intoned he
> was thinking how simple-minded humans were at times.
> "So what you're saying is there's a big pecker out 
> there?" 
> "Yes Lt. Paris, A pecker as you put it is waiting 
> to engage in copulation with species 6969." Seven 
> stated as a few snickers were heard from Harry and 
> Tom. Even Janeway seemed to smirk at the Borg's 
> designation of the anomaly. Seven sat not
> the humor that the others had found. 
> "Let me get this straight, if we are not expelled 
> from this anomaly in thirty-days we might be rammed
> death. No pun intended." Janeway intoned as a wry 
> smile began to form. 
> "Yes Captain." Was Seven's rejoinder? 
> "Okay dismissed lets hope this works." 
> Tuvok floated outside the ship preparing 
> himself for the mind meld. Placing his hands on the 
> walls of he began. 
> "Your mind to my mind, my thoughts to your
> "Status." Janeway barked out. 
> "Tuvoks life signs are normal, the creature seems to
> reacting." Janeway began to relax. 
> "Wait Captain Tuvoks breathing has become labored
> departure is rising." 
> "Beam him to sick bay now." 
> "Tuvok is in sick bay." 
> "Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway." 
> "Go Ahead Seven." 
> "Captain I have found something in Astrometrics I 
> think you should see." 
> "On my way. Commander you have the bridge." As 
> she headed for the turbo-lift. 
> Standing in Astrometics Seven of Nine looked over
> data she had collected. As the doors slid open and 
> Janeway walked in. 
> "Species 6969 did not take to the meld." 
> "I am aware of that Captain I've already spoken to
> Doctor the advised treatment should have Lt. Tuvok 
> back on his feet in no time." Seven replied in her 
> normal Borg tone. 
> "Hmm" Was all the older woman could manage. 
> "Captain I believe I have a solution for the
> Janeway was now all ears. Taking a step closer to
> former drone the redhead waited with baited breath. 
> "Captain if I initiate the "release" or
> of the anomaly. It will expel Voyager from 
> it, Captain?" Seven asked a hint of something other 
> than her normal Borg tone creeping thru. 
> "I'm sorry Seven." Oh sure you are Katie you where 
> thinking of her climaxing under you. Janeway did her
> best to quite that little voice that chided her 
> whenever Seven was near. 
> "Seven how do you intended to climax, I 
> mean." 
> "Captain I intended to use my Borg encased hand, to
> stimulate the creature then use my nanoprobes to
> species 6969 to orgasm, basically I'm going to give
> a hand job." 
> "(Cough)Seven?" Janeway said an eyebrow rising at 
> the ex-borgs colorful language. 
> "Captain are you alright?" Seven asked moving
> Janeway was now aware of the other womanís own sex
> close to her hand hands. 
> "I'm fine Seven, how long will it take you to 
> prepare?" 
> "I am ready Captain I've already mad the 
> necessary adjustments to the nanoprobes; once I
> to stimulate the anomaly I'll release the 
> nanoprobes and beam back aboard Voyager the climax 
> should occur quickly, Captain I also think we should
> to red alert. The anomaly is going to shoot her
> Seven finished in her typical Borg tone. As Janeway 
> caught a glimmer in her eye. My, my Seven when this
> all over I'm going t o have to try those implants of
> yours out. 
> Janeway did her best to try and quite that little 
> voice but the truth was she didnít want to. Ten 
> minutes later Seven was beamed out of Voyager. She 
> floated in the big coochie until she managed to
> herself against one of the walls. Moving up out of
> vast hole she began to move up the folds. A very 
> tricky maneuver seeing as how she was stimulating
> creature as she moved thru. As she reached the large
> nub Seven began to her mesh encased hand all over
> protruding nerve. 
> Seven knew she didn't have much time, which is why 
> she had to re-modulate her nanoprobes so Voyager
> maintain a lock on her bio-signature. As Seven began
> feel the juices from the creature she allowed her 
> assimilation tubules to protrude from her hand to 
> release the nanoprobes. 
> In a haze of blue-light Seven was transported to 
> the sick bay. 
> "Seven stay still please I just need to check and
> sure you are alright." The EMH intoned. His semi
> held shining as he read over his tricorder. The
> to sick bay swooshed open as the captain came in.
> breath was caught as the sight of the woman before 
> her. 
> Seven's hair had become become unraveled and a 
> sheen of sweat glistened her features. There was
also a 
> familiar smell of sex wafting thru the air. 
> "How are you Seven?" Janeway asked a little curious
> Seven's first sexual encounter. 
> "I will be fine once the Doctor finishes his 
> examination I can go get cleaned up." Seven intoned.
> "You may go Seven but you need a full eight-hours of
> regeneration in the next forty-eight hours to
> for the loss of the nano-probesa." 
> "Yes Doctor." 
> "Seven when your done will you meet me in my ready 
> room." Janeway asked a hint of command entering her 
> voice. 
> "As you wish." Seven then left to regenerate. 
> Janeway sat at her desk as the doors to her 
> ready room chimed. 
> "Enter." She called the doors opened to reveal the
> beautiful blonde this side of the Delta Quadrant. 
> "Captain you wished to see me?" 
> "Yes I did. Seven I must say you did an excellent
> today. I think you deserve a commendation." 
> "That is not necessary Captain." 
> "Oh but it is ." Janeway said with a smile. 
> To be continued... 
> What kind of commendation does the Captain want to 
> give Seven. Where's the Giant Pecker? And what
> if the two hook up. Find out in the next exciting 
> installment of Space Coochie.