Author: MagnusXXN
Disclaimer: Disclaimer: BTVS doesn't belong to me, its Joss Wheldon's baby
as is Angel. I own nothing but this story, not even the people in it. Boo
It's the cute dumb ones that get you.
I really should blame the wine, after all after a few drinks a woman
can hardly be held responsible for her actions. Though, some how I
don't think anyone would believe me.
Joyce Summer's thought over her actions as of late very carefully.
Trying to pinpoint a good enough excuse for what she'd been up too.
Drinking, loneliness, even the stress her daughter had put her though
were just some of the many arguments she was willing to press if
anyone found out and demanded an explanation.
"I wonder if I can blame it on that fact that he has such a cute
little ass?" She said with a wicked grin.
After all, she was more then sure that both Buffy and her daughter's
red haired friend knew just how nice Xander's ass was. I mean, it was
like two firm cheeks brought together for the amusement of all womanly
Now, how did it all start? What reason could I have to explain away
why I started sleeping with my daughter's 17 year old male friend?
After the whole Ted ordeal, Joyce hadn't been feeling too good.
Finding out you were dating a serial killer will do that to a girl.
And bring her doubts about herself.
And Xander had come over looking for Buffy, but he'd stuck around to
make her feel better. Cute little dear.
And he did make her feel better; it wasn't his words so much. Those
were nice too or him accidentally calling her beautiful. Though, that
was nice to hear every once in a while.
It was the fact that he'd been checking out her own ass when she'd
gone to the kitchen to bring back tea.
That gave her a little thrill. Knowing that she still had it, or
enough of 'it' for young men to still want to fantasize about her. Or
send coy little looks in her direction.
Joyce was far too mature to blush when she caught him looking. And had
well enough will power to hide the smirk that adored her lips.
And it was so adorable how Xander blushed all the way down his neck.
She walked right back and took a seat next to him with her tray of tea
and cookies, seating 'a lot' closer then she had the first time. "Sugar?"
"Huh?" God, she could just eat him up.
"Would you like some sugar in your tea, dear?"
"Ye..yes Joyce, err I mean Buffy's mom. Thank you Buffy's mom." But
this took all of her will power not to giggle at. It would give her
away, and no doubt send him into a stuttering mess.
Then I 'accidentally' dropped a spoon on to the carpet and ever the
pleasant hostess I went to get it myself.
Getting down on my knees to acquire said spoon, and just so happening
that I ended up fight between his legs which had been open and relaxed
until just now.
She grinned up at him as those lovely brown eyes of his darkened with
lust. Men, no matter what age would never change.
"Wh...what are you doing?!?" His voice broke with his nerves. But
Joyce simply looked up at him with an all too innocent look on her
face, and an easy smile. "Getting the spoon, remember?"
Using the spoon as a prop, she showed it off. Only to stumble while
trying to get up and her head 'accidentally' fall across his thigh.
Where her hair fell in a tumble of golden locks across his lap.
Joyce was very vain about her hair; she'd been going gray for a few
years now. Not that she'd ever truthfully admit to just how many.
That's why she kept her hair dyed a sunflower yellow. It was such a
beautiful color.
"Ms. Summers!" He was nervous, and turned on and naive enough to still
think this was all just an innocent accident. Such a sweet boy.
His square hands came up and smoothed out her hair, fingers slipping
between locks and ever so gently rubbing his finger tips against her
It was forward and all too innocent as well. But Joyce couldn't help
but be pleased as he fondled her hair, she was terribly vain sometimes.
"Xander....." She cooed.
Never once leaning away from his thighs, she'd fond such a lovely
spot. Her breaking away from his gentle hands. Not the hands of an
artist, square and strong.
Xander was born for hard labor; it was all about the genes. He'd
probably never amount to a wall street mogul, or an investment banker.
But that was the future and she only cared about right now.
" have beautiful hair." God, she could eat him up with
the very spoon in her left hand.
"Thank you." She reached up and folded her arms across his crotch for
a softer place to lead her head. She probably should have kissed him
That would have eased him in slowly to what they were going to do.
Boys could be so skittish sometimes, like scared little rabbits.
But it had been so long since she'd tasted a man's sex, had his steely
member enter her mouth and ever so slowly makes its way down her throat.
Hearing him sigh and grunt as he pulled out, and pushed back in. His
eyes closed and his mind blank, the pleasure of a boy's first blowjob
taking all reason right out of his head.
But Joyce's eyes weren't closed, she was watching him intently.
Every hitch in his breathing, ever twitch of his lips. Copying every
detail to memory so that she would never forget how her daughter's
friend reacted when his hard cock was being tasted.
Her hands weren't idle either; her right hand had tightly wrapped its
self around his shaft. She pumped him with powerful strides knowing
that at his age it wouldn't be too long before he exploded.
Her left hand was at work as well, cupping his balls and gently
tugging them and being warming by her own sweaty palms.
"God....oh god....sweet Jesus." It had been too long since she'd made
a man have such a powerful religious experience. But should would
swoon and giggly about that later.
It wouldn't be too much longer know, so she quickened her pace and
began humming every time he was firmly surrounded by her inner throat
It was an easy thing, to relax her throat and take him in. Hell, Joyce
recalled she'd been a good two years younger then Buffy the first time
she took a man into her mouth.
And he had been a man, a friend of her fathers. And under his not so
gentle care she'd learned the art of carefree emotionless fucking.
Which she'd soon instruct Xander in.
He thrust into her mouth mindlessly, not even having the higher brain
functions at the moment to relies his actions. He was too close.
So she finished him off, her fingernails scratched down his balls hard
enough to get a reaction but without causing him any real pain. And
that was enough, with a started cry his shot his virgin seed into
Joyce's ready mouth.
Where she swallowed every last drop, spitting out his cum would only
mess up her carpet or sofa.
And one really most be in a street ally to make such an act seem even
dirtier then the actual blowjob its self. But there'd been time for
that too.
Mixing pain with pleasure, and humiliation with desire. As she watched
the boy's spent cock deflate and fall harmlessly from her mouth with a
slurping sound, something deep down said he was willing to learn all
she had to teach.
And more.