Bri (
Proving Them Right: (/Faith, NC17)

Carleton97 (
Teach Me To Hear The Mermaids Singing

Melissa Flores (
Heaven Isn't Too Far Away
Till I Hear It From You

Red Jacobson (
Fishbowl Series
The Audition: (NC17)
Two Slayers and a Very Happy Xander: (/Faith, NC17)
The Offer: (/Faith, NC17)
In The Still of The Night: (/Faith, NC17)
Dreams and Discussions: (/Faith, NC17)
The Date: (/Faith, NC17)
Kim Comes to Call: (/Faith, NC17)

Pete Meilinger (
Once Last Chance to Make it Real

Starway Man (
Destiny of Vengeance: (BtVS/The Crow)
All Hallow's Children
Visions and Pawns
Truth and Consequences
Balance Point
A White Knight, A Cheerleader and 4,398 Other People: (BtVS/The 4400)
Nothing Works Out as Expected These Days
Yesterday's Son
The Xourne Identity
A Life Less Ordinary
A Matter of Time
A Simple Twist of Fate: (BtVS/James Bond)
Trial by Fire

Jason Thompson (
Burying The Hatchet: (/Buffy, NC17)
Askewed Reunions
Guess I'll Just Close My Eyes
Watch Me Unravel

Wrayven (

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