Hazman11 (parkinson_aw@powerup.com.au)
What He Has To Do
You Must Remember This
For the Love of: (X/Vi)

Tim Joy (tim@timandlacey.com)
Wild Horses

Nero (nerorain@accesswave.ca)
Secrets Have to Start Somewhere
Movie Tease
The Games We Play

Penmom (penmommy@yahoo.com)
Dawn's Hero

Regina (puppetoflove@hotmail.com)
Poolside Reflections: (X/Anya)

Sibling (sibfanfic@verizon.net)
Perfect Girl
Sweet Revenge
Objections Overruled

Jason Thompson (Pilamsega@yahoo.com)
Playstation and Advice

Xanderette43 (Buffygirl43@hotmail.com)
Troubled Thoughts
Unabashedly Yours

Now accepting all submissions in any form, though I perfer direct links. Just write 'Xander fic submission' in the subject line, and send your stories to Paradox761@mail.com

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