Banquo (
Leaves of Grass: (BtVS/Highlander)
Falling Towards Apotheosis: (BtVS/Highlander)
The Cerridewn Intent

Boo (
All That You Dream

Bri (
A Thousand Miles and Two Hearts
Watch The Earth
Rising With The Sun
The Sin I Bring
Reading Between The Lies
Flying Into Ecstasy
Proving Them Right: (/Cordelia)
What Dreams May Come

Keith Collins (
She's Gone
Actions & Consequences
The Mithras Chronicles
A New World
Ravages of Hell
Heroes Never Just Fade Away

DaBear (
Fresh Start
This Year's Girl - Second Chances: (/Buffy)
Somthing in Common

Life, Death and Love - Twisted Reality
Unexpected Arrival
Scooby Snacks
Deliver Us From Evil

Godeater (
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Idler's Dream

Greywizard1235 (
Who Am I: (B/X, NC17)
Post-Graduate Work

Red Jacobson (
Fishbowl Series
The Audition: (Xander/Cordelia, NC17)
Two Slayers and a Very Happy Xander: (/Cordelia, NC17)
The Offer: (/Cordelia, NC17)
In The Still of The Night: (/Cordelia, NC17)
Dreams and Discussions: (/Cordelia, NC17)
The Date: (/Cordelia, NC17)
Kim Comes to Call: (/Cordelia, NC17)

Shawn Knight (
Romeo Lost

Malcolm Lake (
Blue Angel

Lint (
The Good Kind of Wicked
What We Do is Secret
Storybook Disease: (B/X)
In Name and Blood

MagnusXXN (
It's Always in the Blood

Nwhepcat (
Dormant Magics: (NC17)
Double Vision

Auld Acquaintance
Sunnydale Calling
Five Conversations
Three Fights
Five By Three

Ozmandayus (
Into the Night: (X/Buffy)
Early Mourning: (X/Buffy)
Sated: (/Buffy, NC17)
Special F/X (NC17)

Paradox761 (
Justice League Xander: (BtVS/JLU)
Choices We Make: (Xander/Faith)

Saturn Girl (
Reconnecting 2
Picking Up The Pieces: (X/Anya)

Scb047 (
Between Shadows: (B/X)
The Pugilist
Once We Were Warriors
Livin' Dead Girl
That Sweet Madness
Dust 'n' Bones
The Art of War
And Nothing Else Matters

Sibling (
Faith Healing

Starway Man (
The Way of the Warrior

Jason Thompson (
Two Slayers, No Waiting: (/Buffy, NC17)
Fractured Mirror: (/Buffy, NC17)
Fuel For Shower Fantasies: (/Buffy, NC17)
Adventures in Wolfsitting: (/Buffy, NC17)
Not What You Expected: (/Buffy)
The Green Eyed Monster
About Last Night
A Walk Down the Other Road: (X/Dru, NC17)
Cancer in Your Bones: (X/Dru/Darla, NC17)
I've Changed My Mind

Scott Timms (
Little Rage: (X/Amy)

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