Jason Thompson (
The Worth of Defeat: (NC17)

Mark Townsend (


Greydon Creed (
Becoming - Alpha: (NC17)

Non-Relationship Fics

Lori Bush (
Nine-Tenths of The Law (Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8)

DeBrabant (
Necromancer's Beginnings
Never Quite Sane in The Night

Godeater (

JimboS (
Warrior of The Heart
Phantom Pains

Malcolm Lake (
The Sisters

Lint (
In Sights Unseen

Magnus (
That Damned Monkey

Pete Meilinger (
The First Annual Brownie Bake-Off And Rootin'-Tootin' Jamboree: (W/X-friendship)
It's Enough: (B/X-friendship)
Feels Like Family: (W/X-friendship, X/T-friendship, W/T)
Nothing Special
Now Batting For The Other Team: (W/X-friendship, W/T)
Time To Say Goodbye

Paradox761 (
The Hunter: (B/W/X-friendship)
The Cane: (W/X-friendship)

plshade (
Choices We Make
The Sword's Edge

Sami (
Traveler 2

Spirit of Chaos (
Splitting The Pack (Pt 1, Pt 2)
Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey
Care Bears With Fangs (Pt 1, Pt 2)
Le Judgement
The Best Way to Rob a Bank
There Are Worse Things Than Vampires

Starway Man (
Best Served Cold
The Restoration
Bloody Brilliant Plan
In The Eye of the Beholder
Childhood's End


Banquo (
Leaves of Grass: (BtVS/Highlander, F/X)
Falling Towards Apotheosis: (BtVS/Highlander, F/X)

Lint (
Weapon X: (BtVS/X-Men)

Magnus (
LionHeart: (BtVS/X-Men)
Rise of the Juggernaut: (BtVS/Marvel)
Through the Looking Glass (Pt 1, Pt 2): (BtVS/Anita Blake)
Something Wicked This Way Comes: (BtVS/Marvel)
On Our Wicked Way: (BtVS/Marvel, Xander/White Queen)
Dark Eyed Girl: (BtVS/Charmed)
Blood and The Beast: (BtVS/World of Darkness, B/X)
A Wizard by Any Other Name: (BtVS/Charmed)
Moon Light Over San Francisco: (BtVS/Charmed, X/Piper)
Sunrise in San Francisco: (BtVS/Charmed, X/Piper)
Frog Legs or No Frog Legs: (BtVS/Charmed, X/Piper)

Paradox761 (
You Can't Go Home Again: (BtVS/Profiler, W/X)
Call Me...: (BtVS/?)
Most Extreme Sunnydale Challenge: (BtVS/MXC)

Sympathetic Ear series
A Sympathetic Ear: (BtVS/Farscape, Xander/Chiana, John/Aeryn, slight B/X & B/R)
Back to the Uncharted Territories: (BtVS/Farscape, Xander/Chiana, John/Aeryn)
Enter the Cleavage: (BtVS/Farscape, Xander/Chiana)
Chasing Aeryn: (BtVS/Farscape, Xander/Chiana, John/Aeryn)

The Sailor/Slayer Drabbles: (Sailor Moon/BtVS, Xander/Ami, f/f, other parts included for continuity, NC17)
Episode 1: It Begins: (Serena/Rei, Lita/Mina)
Episode 2: Common Interests: (Buffy/Serena, Willow/Rei, Xander/Ami)
Episode 3: The Xan Man Cometh: (Xander/Ami)
Episode 4: True Friends: (Willow/Rei, Serena/Rei, Xander/Ami)
Episode 5: Love, And Other Four Letter Words: (Mina/Anya, Xander/Anya)
Episode 6: A Plan Forms: (Xander/Ami, Mina/Lita, Serena/Buffy)
Episode 7: Mercury Rising: (Ami/Serena/Rei/Mina/Lita)
The Last Slayerette: (BtVS/Sailor Moon/Star Trek/Highlander, Xander/Ami)

Justice League Xander: (BtVS/JLU)
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys: (Xander/Anya)
Shining White Knight: (W/X-friendship)
No Answers, Just Questions
Choices We Make: (Xander/Faith)

Starway Man (
Destiny of Vengeance: (BtVS/The Crow, X/Cordelia)
This Changing World: (BtVS/X-Men)
Xander Makes a Wish: (BtVS/Highlander)
A White Knight, A Cheerleader and 4,398 Other People: (BtVS/The 4400, X/Cordelia)
A Simple Twist of Fate: (BtVS/James Bond, X/Cordelia)

Jason Thompson (
Tension Relief: (BtVS/B5, Buffy/Ivanova/Xander)

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